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Hatteras Strong

To the teachers and administrators who are spending countless hours creating a new learning environment for our students, we would like to say thank you. For the parents, who are now turned educators, we would like to say thank you! To the community that always pulls together during times of need, like hurricanes or the present Corona Virus, we would like to say thank you. As we all know it takes everyone working together to get through the many struggles that life may throw at us and we at Hatteras Island Youth Education Fund want you to know that we care about you and families and we are here to help. Listed below is a group of free resources put together to educate and entertain our now home bound student population as well as us adults!

1. Free Audio Books for students of all ages:

2. Here is a resource for daily "Home Safari's" from the Cincinnati Zoo

3. Scholastic Weekly Lessons

* this link is for grades 1-2 but they offer educational opportunities for all grade levels

4. Mo Willems of "Dont let the pigeon drive the bus"

is doing daily "lunch doodles"  

5. Kaun Academy has produced a great schedule and has resources for every grade and subject 

 Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science. 8. NC ZOO live: "Join us virtually on our FACEBOOK PAGE every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY at 10 A.M. for a fun, educational presentation about animals and nature. " Zoo EDventures Online Series - Facebook Live

We will continue to post resources as we find them. We love our community, schools and island and we will get through this together!

- The Hatteras Island Youth Education Fund Team

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