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2019-2021 Grants


2019 Fall Grants

  • CHES School Wide iPad Check-Out

  • CHES Flocabulary

  • CHSS Dolphins in the Classroom

  • CHSS Battle of the Books

  • CHSS Science Olympiad

  • CHSS Disc Golf

  • CHES Movie of the Book Club

  • CHSS Math Rockstars Competition

  • CHSS Lab to Life and STEM on your Streets

  • CHSS Scripps National Spelling Bee and CHEW on THIS Campaign

  • CHES BAL-A-VIS Rhythmic Exercise Program

  • CHES Scholastic News

  • CHES Science Olympiad

2020 Spring Grants

  • CHSS Band Instrument Upgrades

Most of our Spring 2020 grant awards had to be returned due to the school closure. Our "Fuel for Focus" initiative was implemented thereafter.

2020 Fall and
2021 Spring Grants

Fall 2020​

  • CHES Flocabulary Classroom and Virtual Learning Tool

  • CHES STEM through Board Games

  • CHSS Virtual Science Olympiad Competition


Spring 2021

  • CHES Ray Gray Free Little Library

  • CHSS Prom 2021 Partial Funding

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