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2018-2019 Grants

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2018 Fall Grants

  • Fitness Equipment for CHSS

  • CHES Flocabulary

  • CHES Estrellita

  • CHSS Science Olympiad Competition

  • CHSS Dolphin Math

  • CHES Water Fountain Upgrade

  • CHES Maker Stations

  • CHSS Bring Science to your School

  • CHSS STEM on Your Street

  • CHSS Math Rockstars Competition

  • CHSS Coastal Change and Local Fisheries Project

  • CHSS Sea the Change Aquarium Trip

  • CHES EC Classroom Organization Supplies

  • CHES Foundations Refresher

  • CHES Listening to Reading Program

  • CHES 3rd Grade Fieldtrip 

  • CHES Art Supplies

  • CHES Science Olympiad Competition

2019 Spring Grants

  • CHSS Homegrown in NC Field trip and STEM Connection

  • CHSS Reduce, Reuse, Hydrate Project

  • CHSS Battle of the Books Competition

  • CHSS Graphing Calculators

  • CHES Appalachian Story Teller/Workshop

  • CHSS Technology Equipment

  • CHES Puppet Pals Reading Tool

  • CHSS 8th Grade Field Trip to D.C.

  • CHSS 7th Grade Field Trip to Raleigh, N.C.

  • CHSS 6th Grade Field Trip

  • CHES Wetlands Walk and Beach Exploration Field Trip

  • CHSS H2 OBX Reading Remediation Field Trip

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