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2022-2023 Grants

2022 Fall Grants

  • CHSS- Flocabulary 

  • CHES- Adam Booth Story Telling Workshop

  • CHSS- A Merry Little Christmas Carol Field Trip

  • CHSS- Homework Incentive Program

  • CHES- Non-Fiction Books to support writing

  • CHSS- Veteran's Day Appreciation Celebration

  • CHSS- PE Spikeball

  • CHSS- Theatrical Technology update

  • CHSS- Supplies for Science Olympiad Competition

2023 Spring Grants

  • CHSS- Health Science Project-based learning supplies

  • CHSS- 8th Grade Field Trip: US Whitewater and Nascar Museum 

  • CHSS- Math Rockstars Competition 

  • CHSS-Stem and Literacy Family Night

  • CHES-Monitor for Spring Performance

  • CHSS- Homework Incentive trip to Busch Gardens

  • CHSS- PE Adjustable Net System

  • CHSS- Band Trip to NC State Music performance assessment

  • CHSS - Carpentry wood lathe

  • CHSS- Upgrade to theater lighting

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