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Fuel for Focus

Thank you to all of the participating local businesses for making Fuel for Focus such a success for our students and their families this past spring.


During our Spring 2020 grant cycle, unfortunately, many of our grants had to be returned when the schools were closed due to COVID. so, in response, we launched our "Fuel for Focus" initiative.   In phase 1, we provided $50.00 in "HIYEF bucks" to each student of Cape Hatteras Elementary and Cape Hatteras Secondary to use at the participating businesses listed below. During phase 1, we were able to serve 667 students and give $33,350 in “HIYEF bucks” while also supporting our local participating businesses at a time our island was closed to non-residents.  Phase 2 included 6 weeks of random drawing giveaways to our students that participated in our weekly interactive Facebook posts.  Phase 2 allowed us to serve 18 students and give back an additional $900. The last part of “Fuel for Focus” included a teacher appreciation segment in which we gave $20 in "HIYEF bucks" for every staff member of both schools. At its conclusion, “Fuel for Focus” put $36,470 in "HIYEF bucks" into the hands of the students and staff from our local Hatteras island schools to be used in our community.  Projects like this would not be achievable without the support that HIYEF gets through donations, sponsorships, and participation in our two annual fundraisers. Thank you to everyone who came together to make this possible.

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